Christmas scenes with Healing Family

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday we celebrated Christmas with the Healing Family Foundation. The adults with disabilities are so great and wonderful to work with, and the workshop is always a lot of fun.

For this special lesson we made Christmas landscapes and sang Jingle bells. The production of the Landscape was divided in different steps.

First we created the background with white and blue poster paint, cardboards and tape.

After this they could make a Christmas tree and a snowman to decorate their landscapes. Additionally we had some stickers. The snowman were made out of toilet Paper cardboards. They really enjoyed painting at those and create a 3D art.

The landscapes turned out so beautiful and the participants and us volunteers had a lot of fun. I enjoyed this Workshop a lot. Singing and doing arts with the Healing Family makes me always happy.

All the best, Sophia


A New Perspective with Urban Light

A French novelist and art theorist named Andre Malraux once said "Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides."

I used this quote as inspiration for my final workshop I would lead at Urban Light.

Urban light is a centre for boys and mean who are at risk of sex trafficking and exploitation. The centre provides food, shelter, education and empowerment for them to improve their lifestyles.

I decided to follow the idea of deception that was recognized in Malraux's quote and introduce the boys to Optical Illusions. An optical illusion is something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is.

I had brought a bunch of wooden spinning tops with me from New Zealand which came in quite handy this particular day. I introduced the workshop with these, they were to all paint these in whatever colour and pattern. Once they had painted them they were ready to be spun !

The new patterns created by the movements of the spinning tops were epic !They looked completely different. I had the best time capturing and freezing the movement of the spinning tops with my camera.
The spinning tops were definitely a good introduction and icebreaker as now the boys understood this very strange art form a little better.

So with the next activity they had 2 different options on what to create, the first was a hand that looks as if its resting on top of the paper, ready to jump out, or the second option; a little trickier, was a number of sphere's floating towards a hole in space.

After a short explanation the boys got straight into it. All adding their own flair to their works.
The room was quiet, a good sign, they were all enjoying it and very concentrated.

The men doing the sphere's all had their rulers and pencils out making sure all measurements were correct whilst the boys doing the 3D hand were getting super creative experimenting with colours.

I felt very proud, they all enjoyed the workshop and we even had to leave some materials behind so they could continue creating; always a good sign!

I always enjoy coming to Urban Light. The boys are absolutely wonderful and the staff is so inviting. It has been such an honour to be able to work with them doing what I love most.
I remember my first workshop there, it was actually my first ARI workshop as well. We made Kaleidoscopes. And now 6 months later, one of my last ARI workshops. From Maori carving to optical illusions, I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute spend at the cente. Thank you to the team at Urban Light for their love and the wonderful boys there. You will all have a spot in my heart forever.
Love and Light,

A Hundred Little Hundertwassers

Okay, there weren't a hundred students at the lovely class from Wat Pa Pao, where we went for todays workshop. Actually, maybe were around 15 students, aged between 10 and 11.

Everybody, volunteers as well as the kids were very excited for the workshop and so the students welcomed us with big smiles and looked very happy. What a great beginning!
Today we introduced the students to an Austrian artist, called Friedrich Hundertwasser. All over the world he designed colorful, non-symmetrical houses as an architect, but he also was an painter and painted these dream-like houses.
So we asked the students to design their own dream house, and like Hundertwasser did it, they were asked to use round shapes, a lot of circles, bright, shining colors and, of course, their imaginations a lot.
The students totally got the concept and they had amazing ideas! One boy drew an ice-cream house, another girl lived in a mushroom. 

It was wonderful to see, how different the students ideas were and how much varity we had in the outcomes. 
What a happy Workshop!
Hannah :)


Polynesian Dance and Hula Skirts with Friends from Wat Muen Nung Kong

Hello all! Today we held a Global Travelers workshop with our friends at Wat Muen Nung Kong. The global travelers is a workshop series that allows us to explore different places around the world through art. This afternoon we traveled all the way to Hawaii; a beautiful American island state. I told the class of how this state is located far off the Pacific coast of the United States of America. In honor of some fun Hawaiian traditions, the students at Wat Muen Nung Kong created their own hula grass skirts.

 Quickly, all of the kids created beautiful hula grass skirts! The skirts were constructed with the use of varied green crepe paper, glue, and knot rope. It was great to see such enthusiasm over the activity from them all. Once everyone had finished and were wearing their skirts, the volunteers adorned each kid's face with red face-paint...for the only reason of that face-paint makes everything even more fun!

As we completed painting our faces, the hula dance party began! Hula dance is a traditional art form of telling stories through movement and song. The kids loved learning the hula dance moves for "love" and "mountains." Soon after the hula dance began, we all broke out into our own silly dance moves; it was too much fun.

All in all, it was a really great time spent creating grass skirts and dancing the hula with our friends from Wat Muen Nung Kong. Thanks for reading and can't wait to share next.

Take care,

    Anna Marie

Creating Bullfighting Flags with Wat Muen Neung Kong

Hello it is Sophia! With the kids of the Wat Muen Ngen Kong School we have an after-school program which is called "Global Travelers". Every week they learn something about a country and we "travel" to that country to do a craft from that particular culture. This week, on the 27th of November, the students of this Wat School travelled to Spain. They learned something about the big tradition of bullfighting in Spain and were supposed to create their own bullfighting-flags.

Normally the bullfighting flags are red, but we created our own personal flag with a lot of colors. Every child got one piece of fabric which they could decorate with a lot of different other pieces to make their own flag. The kids cut out Little things out of the fabric and glued it on their flag.

They did a really good job and made beautiful and creative flags. I enjoyed the vivid atmosphere. Some of the children used their flags after the workshop to play a little bullfight.

All the best Sophia


Mixing materials with the Healing Family!

Hello there!

This time at Healing Family we created abstract pictures by using watercolor and glue.
In the beginning we played our warm-up game, "Chilli Chilli" which is always a lot of fun with Healing Family because they always volunteer to go into the middle of the circle and show us an amazing dance move.
Then we started the workshop. First we drew the shape of one of the templates that I prepared on an empty sheet of paper.

After that they colored the paper around the shape with watercolor, they either doodled around or painted something realistic. Most of them painted a great colorful background by just doodling around on the paper.

When we finished with the watercolor, we started gluing on small paper pieces we prepared before in the shape of the drawing they did before on the paper. We had for example butterflies, flowers, turtles, etc.

Some of them really got into it and made the paper pieces smaller and smaller before gluing them on very exact. Some others finished quite early so they started gluing the templates which was very pretty aswell!

We had beautiful outcomes and a great time with the Healing Family!

All the best,


All About Your Name


The main them of todays workshop were the names of the children at Wat Pa Pao.
Last week we choose English names for everyone in the class that we are teaching. That's why I prepared a name tag for every child so that we can call them by their English names in our art lessons, because we also try to practice English with them during the workshops.

At first we handed out the name tags, which was a bit difficult in the beginning because some of them forgot their English names! But we figured it out quite fast. Then everyone colored the letters and the background of their name tags.

After they finished it, everyone got a blank paper and watercolors. I asked them to write their name (either Thai or English) on the paper. Then they had different options to paint the paper. They could paint their name at a place they like to be, symbols that show their hobbies, things they like, their home, or anything else about themselves.

We had great outcomes and it was very interesting to see the variety of names!

All the best, Paula