Painting with Nong Mai

This past Friday was a wonderful day spent with Nong Mai. Our driver P'Ben picked Nong Mai up from Baan Piranan in the morning and we traveled to the Cultural Canvas Office together. When we arrived, I set up an art station for Nong Mai to start creating. During the weeks of preparing for the exhibition UNCAGED, the Canvas Art Program was not able to go to Baan Piranan weekly like we once were. Now that the exhibition is over and we are slowly falling back into our normal schedule, we are able to see and spend time with the artists once again. Nong Mai was so excited to get back into painting. you could see it in the eagerness of his eyes and the brightness of his smile. He covered a giant 4ftX3ft canvas, beating the canvas with his rhythmic brush strokes. After spending an hour painting and covering every white inch of the canvas, Nong Mai and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day and we both greatly enjoyed getting out of the office and getting some sunshine. When we returned we lay out in the sun and listened to music. It was a wonderful day. P'Ben brought Nong Mai back to Baan Piranan at the end of the day. We were left with a stunning painting and happiness from the winsome energy that Nong Mai exudes.