Wonderful Wildflowers

This week the wonderful ladies of Wildflower Home were introduced to the new medium of watercolor paint and produced some beautiful leaf prints onto card, homemade paper and fabric. The ladies began by taking leaves from the garden of Wildflower Home and used watercolor paint to paint the back of the leaf, blending many colors together. They then pressed the leaf onto card, homemade paper or fabric. Check out the fantastic results….

Our wonderful ladies also had the opportunity to continue on with a previous project of making fabric flower hair clips. See what they came up with this time………

Hope Home roll with it this week - 22nd September 2011

This week the beautiful children of Hope Home produced masterpieces with the use of stencils and zig zag paint rollers. We began the workshop by singing songs which included actions (for example: clapping) to encourage movement and to introduce fun into the workshop. Stencils were then attached to paper and the paper mounted onto wooden boards, the children then had an opportunity to use zig zag rollers and colorful paint (with the aid of volunteers) to create new and interesting patterns on the paper. Check out the results……

Young Lions splatter this weeks workshop - 22nd September 2011

This week our Young Lions were introduced to the artist Jackson Pollock, his work and his method of Action Painting. This method uses paint to splatter, flick and drip over canvas to create an image.
We began the workshop by introducing the students to different animal shapes that had been cut from sheets of PVC and had them guess which animal it was. We then taught them the English word for the animal and used the shapes as a stencil around which the students splatter and dripped paint. Check it out


Wildflower Home, Fabric Flowers

The young, single mothers at Wildflower Home area eager to learn new income generating ideas. This past Monday, we visited their remote farm to teach them how to make fabric flowers that can be used to decorate hair clips, bands, and possibly jewelry. With new born babies bouncing happily on the women's hips, the mothers happily sewed and sang as we stitched our fabric flowers together. In the end they proudly displayed their hardy-work by wearing them in their hair, on their shirts as pins and on their wrists as bracelets.


Young Lions Leaf Printing

This week the Burmese refugee children in our Young Lions workshop created mini masterpieces using leaves and ferns from the CCT yard to create patterns and textures on their paper. Each child picked a number of leaves from our yard and used watercolor paint to paint the veiny underside. Then they pressed the painted leaves onto the paper and lifted them up to discover the wondrous colorful patterns that each left leaf behind.
Enjoy the photos from our most recent workshop!


NLC Fabric Flowers

Today was our last workshop with the wonderful ladies and the New Life Center for a few months as they prepare to go on school break. Cee, our Thai translator, came up with the fantastic idea of making flowers out of fabric to decorate bags or to make into hair clips, hair ties or possibly bracelets and earrings. As the rain pattered on the roof, we all sat around with needles and thread and made these lovely creations, below. Enjoy! x