Discovering Shapes with Northern School for the Blind

This past Monday was the first workshop at Northern School for the Blind. This school provides education for visually impaired students. As it was our first workshop with a group of blind people, all of us were really excited.

Today’s workshop’s topic: Shapes!

For the fact that they are blind, we did two exercises with them which were based on feeling the shapes with their hands.

Firstly, the students discovered shapes by feeling them and rebuilt them with modeling clay. They got to know geometric shapes and organic shapes. 

Most of the students were really good and fast in copying the shapes, which was really fascinating.

Afterwards each student got a piece of paper and some cardboard shapes. 
They used their fingers to traced each shape with glue and we helped them putting sand or rice on the sticky parts so they could feel the shapes on their papers. 

The students loved playing with the different materials.

At the end of the workshop each student created a really nice paper with different rice or sand shapes.

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