Hand and Foot Printing with Hope Home

Hello everyone! Today we visited Hope Home. We were very surprised to see Paradon, who usually is at school at the time we are doing the workshops.

Our project for this week was actually hand or foot printed trees with stamps and bubble blowing during the break. But while we were printing the kid's hands on the paper, we decided to make this more freestyle and ended up with many different pictures who were very creative and colourful.

Even Nam Chok shortly participated at this activity what he usually doesn't do. Even if he was only interested for a very short time, he had a lot of fun doing it. Just like Phil, Joy, Bonroot and Paradon.

Joy enjoing the hand printing.

Bonroot likes his self-made picture.

Paradon busy stamping.

                                                   Here are some of their beautiful Pictures:

Phil's foot prints.
Nam Chok's picture.

Bonroot's self created forest.

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