Paper Windmills: Taking Advantage of the Weather

Inspired by the blusteriness of the season, we introduced the Young Lions to some of the most fun you can have with a good breeze -- paper windmills, or pinwheels as they are otherwise known. We provided them with pre-cut templates, lines and holes already marked out, so they could focus on making them as bright and colourful as possible. We showed them some examples of patterns and let them get to it.

As soon as they were done, we attached the pinwheels to chopsticks using drawing pins; the workshop leaders did this for the kids. It may be my innate Britishness taking over, but as we were using hammers I balked at the idea of letting the kids have at it themselves. Let's all keep our fingers, please...

There was a lot of fun had with the finished product -- so much so that at the first session, we were kept very busy hammering as the pinwheels were being turned out at a rate of one per thirty seconds!! The second workshop ended with a running-around-the-carpark game, as the kids realised how fast this could make the wheels spin.

Definitely a project to be repeated on windy days.We are seriously considering making a selection of weather-proof windmills to decorate the fence at the office...

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