Scaling with the Thai Freedom House

Hello, everyone. This past Friday we continued our Drawing Unit with the Thai Freedom House children. This time we focused on scaling and how to take a small image and make it larger using grids and ratios. To start off they were given a small drawing of an apple and they had to make it twice the size. This was a fairly simple task for most of the children, so they spent some time coloring in their apples as well. There were some pretty neat and very colorful finished products.

After their break I handed out a variety of other, more challenging images for them to scale. Again, they rescaled the image to twice the original size. This time, though, if they finished early, I gave them another, more difficult, image to rescale. There was some very dramatic moaning and protests initially, but they were all able to finish rescaling the harder drawing as well.

The last scaling project took up the rest of the class, and almost all of the children were at least able to complete scaling one more complex drawing, if not two. This coming Friday is their last drawing class before they graduate. It's impressive to see all they've learned about drawing.


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