Symmetry with Thai Freedom House

Hello ARI-Friends!

It was Friday, which means we had our next drawing workshop at 
Thai Freedom House. The topic: Symmetry.

Once all the kids had arrived, we played a small warm-up game before getting into today’s drawing activities.

The kids learned what symmetry and lines of symmetry are, and practiced their skills by drawing lines of symmetry and mirroring different pictures. 

After mirroring the picture, they had a lot of fun coloring it, too. 

After the students had their break, each student created their one pattern and afterwards they had to face the challenge of mirroring the pattern twice. 

At the end the students created a really nice looking symmetric pattern.

Ending the day with this workshop was a great finish, because the volunteers and I felt that we really improved the children’s art knowledge by teaching them symmetry. 

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