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Picture (Frame) Perfect!

On my first trip to Stratton ABC, we noticed how polite and reserved all the kids were and how it took some coaxing to get them to loosen up a little.  So for my second workshop out there, we came with an arsenal of fun that no kid could resist...

We sang our hello song and played a little chili chili - the kids were having fun but still a little too shy to go really crazy.  Then we tried a new game with the kids - "Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3!"  That one hit the sweet spot and we got to see the kids letting loose, laughing and running around.

It was their last day at Stratton before they all left to visit family on their summer vacation.  With this in mind, we kept the good times rolling and made a fun craft with them that they could be proud of and remember as they left for vacation.

We painted cute little wooden images, picture frames and puzzles that not only served as a fun activity but could also be sold to help out Stratton ABC so they can continue the awesome work they are doing with these kids.

While the kids were all pumped up from the hilarious fun we had outside playing, as soon as we handed out the paints and supplies they were right back down to business.  I loved seeing their carefree side, but it is just as amazing seeing the kids working hard and really putting effort and care into each of their works of art. After our morning spent with the toddlers at Baan Viengping, it seemed as if we had landed on another planet all together. Stratton ABC is full of perfectionists and by the end of the workshop, the kids were scrambling to get their images done since they had done such a good job.

I can identify with their need to let loose but I really admire how hardworking they are and their ability to focus (which far, far, far exceeds mine)!

We had a fun, relaxed time with the kids and they seemed ready to go out and enjoy the freedom of summer vacation.  It'll be awhile till they're back again but I can't wait to see those little perfectionists once again!

Peace & Love - Amy